The Hot Noir Novel

James Dawson

In this very adult thriller, a would-be television writer who can't catch a break goes slumming by selling a quickie porn script. His resulting obsession with a manipulative adult-video actress leads to sex, betrayal, death and a brutal quest for vengeance.

Written by the author Penthouse Letters magazine has said is "considered by many to be the greatest writer of his generation," "Wasted Talents" is suspenseful, tragic, funny, shocking...and hotter than hell!

KINDLE VERSION: For the preposterously reasonable price of only $3.99, you can own the thoroughly revised and slightly expanded 2011 edition of "Wasted Talents" as a Kindle selection from amazon.com. Click this link:

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NOOK VERSION: For a ridiculously cheap $3.99, those of you with the Nook e-book reader can own the identical thoroughly revised and slightly expanded 2011 edition of "Wasted Talents" that is available as a Kindle selection. Click this link:

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TRADE PAPERBACK: Use this link to order the ridiculously expensive original printed version, published in 2000.


Who Is James Dawson?

James Dawson has written more than 400 fiction and non-fiction pieces that have appeared in places ranging from the Los Angeles Times to Penthouse Forum to the Marvel Comics "Ultimate Silver Surfer" anthology. (How's that for range?) In addition to news, reviews, essays, articles, ad copy and a comic strip, Dawson has written humor, horror, SF and fantasy. A list of the more than 1,000 movie reviews he has written since July 2000 for various markets appears at backrowreviews.com.


Screenplay Available NOW

If you are a movie producer who would like to see the feature-length, ready-to-shoot screenplay version of "Wasted Talents," use the link below to send me an e-mail. The screenplay is available as a PDF file or in printed form.



Another Ready-To-Shoot Screenplay:

Another finished, feature-length screenplay of mine is "Rebel Hell," a completely twisted horror tale. For more info, go here:

The South shall rise again...
From the DEAD!


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